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Testimonial on Dutchie the Carpenter?

Joris de Boer is the owner and sole operator of Dutchie The Carpenter and we are so pleased we found him and requested a quote. We have a Mobile Home recently re-located at a great Over 50's Relocatable Park in North Ballina and one of the requirements is to have the space between the bottom of the House to the ground tastefully 'filled/boarded' in. We refer to it as a Skirt around the house. Around October 2014 we began the stressful task of getting quotes together with suggestions on the best way of doing and achieving the best finish/presentation. What a task, we say stressful because surprisingly that's how it became with contacted Tradies that:

a) Weren't interested.
b) Made an appointment and didn't show and didn't bother to contact us accordingly.
c) Had no idea how to do the fairly basic task.
d) Over-quoted as they maybe didn't want the work or covered themselves in case it was harder than they estimated.

Then came Dutchie - what a breath of fresh air - Joris arrived to look at the job to quote bang on time (how refreshing) and was courteous, listened to our requirements and ideas; was friendly but professional at all times and put forward some great ideas of his own. We had virtually decided to engage him there and then, no matter if he was pricing above the cheapest quote but then came the 'let down' - it was maybe to be expected as he was sure to be busy, and sure enough due to his work-load and the Christmas Holidays Joris wouldn't be able to commence until after the 'New Year', so on we went with a couple more quotes. The upshot is that nobody (including some that were recommended) could make us as comfortable or as confident as 'Dutchie The Carpenter' even if their quote was lower. There fore we contacted Joris just before Christmas and he PROMPTLY emailed us a firm quote (as he had only 'guesstimated' prior to knowing he couldn't commence). His quote was reasonable (not the cheapest but some $3,300 below the most ridiculous) and he had a date in the 'New Year' that suited us plus the quote was a 'firm' one, therefore due to our initial confidence in him we gave him the business. GUESS WHAT? - Joris arrived on the day stated AND on time to the minute! What a great start! AND from then on it just got better and better, instead of what we anticipated as being 'hard graft' it was virtually a joy! Joris is a true professional an old fashioned 'Tradie' - gave us a better than expected finished job, always punctual, professional, knowledgeable, helpful beyond the call and friendly. Therefore it 'goes without saying' just how pleased we are with the beautifully tasked and finished job and are only too happy to recommend 'Dutchie The Carpenter' to ANYONE whom may consider Joris to undertake for whatever task he quotes. (We understand he has excellent 'subbies' on call if required to help). If you need to discuss any of your concerns we are happy for Joris to give out our email address so you may contact us directly.

Yours Sincerely,

Graham and Val Fraser.

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